3 rescued from vehicle involved in accident – Fijivillage

Publish date/time: 27/01/2014

Eight people who were involved in an accident at Shalimar Street,
Raiwasa, are still being treated at the CWM hospital.

CWM Medical Superintendent Dr Jemesa Tudravu confirmed eight
people including five adults and three children were rushed to
the hospital.

The children are aged 12 years, five years and three years.

However, there is no confirmation on their condition.

The accident occurred at the entrance of Shalimar Street
involving a J.S. Hill truck and three taxis after 1pm.

Firefighters removed a woman and two men including the driver
by dismantling a taxi.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said police are expected to
question the truck driver soon.

Naisoro said they are still trying to establish the cause of
the accident and will be able to reveal more details once the
driver of the truck has been questioned.

Story by:
Praneeta Prakash & Sofaia Koroitanoa

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