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How One Man’s Fight Against An AOL Troll Sealed The Tech Industry’s Power – NPR

A fight between a Seattle man and AOL in the mid-1990s led to what has been called “the most important Internet law ruling ever.” Decades later, the decision still…



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In 1995, an online troll impersonated Ken Zeran on AOL, posting tasteless ads with his phone number. Zeran sued AOL, and lost. The person behind the ads has never been identified.
Jovelle Tamayo for NPR
In April 1995, Ken Zeran’s phone started ringing. And ringing. And ringing.
“Lots of calls. It wasn’t like every second. But it was just lots of calls,” Zeran said in an interview with NPR.
He ran a real estate magazine in Seattle. But his phone ringing off the hook had nothing to do with that these…

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