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Hummer EV ‘supertruck’ has a UI built on Unreal Engine and runs Android – Engadget

We’ve seen the outside of GMC’s new 1,000HP Hummer EV, but now you can see the in-car display too. It runs on Android and was designed using Unreal Engine.



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One of the easy to see elements of the driver display is its gyroscopic feed. If one happens to be off-roading (as you do), they can see the balance of the truck and position of each individual wheel at a glance, all updated in real-time in the pitch-and-roll widget. The system is upgradeable so more widgets may appear later, but you can also watch this video for a peek at the suspension control widget, as well as what it looks like when its diagonal-driving Crab Mode or Watts to Freedom high-speed…

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