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Playstation 5 soldered 825 GB SSD puts a hard limit on the lifespan of each retail unit –

What will happen when the internal SSD inevitably dies? We’re not so sure. Whereas the primary drives in the PS3 and PS4 could all be easily replaced, the fixed…



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A defining feature of the Playstation 5 is its extraordinarily fast SSD to outpace the XBox Series X and even the latest desktop PCs as of 2020. Users were unsure if the PS5 primary SSD would be soldered or removable, but the official teardown video yesterday confirms that the 825 GB modules are soldered while a separate M.2 2230/2242/2280 PCIe 4.0 slot will be available for secondary expansion.
This approach presents an interesting scenario for the console. Whereas gamers could simply swap out…

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